Think back hard to July 2007. “The hangover” was just a weekend annoyance. “Between two ferns” was just a place in the rainforest. So you can’t really blame us for somehow overlooking this AMAZING six-year-old video in which everyone’s favorite bushy-bearded, one-man wolf pack, Zach Galifianakis, lip-syncs Kanye’s “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” on the former’s North Carolina farm:

Opening with the roar of a chainsaw and not letting up until the song closes on dramatic dark silhouettes, the video is arguably a vast improvement on the humorless original. Plus, it makes farming look freaking badass. It’s loaded with tractor-top gyration and pelvic thrusts as well as Galifianakis slinking around in a silky floral robe. Galifianakis is accompanied by Bonnie “Prince” Billy seductively reclining in the tractor’s front-loader and lip-syncing soulfully in a cornfield.

There’s even slo-mo Riverdance from a crew of dancing Mennonites in denim overall dresses and petticoats. Maybe the best part comes at 3:11, when we find out “a room full of hoes” is actually a field full of cows. (Why not hoes, like the farming implement? Shhhh. You can’t tell him nothin’.)

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(h/t Katie Brien)

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