Do you live in a tiny home, but wish it were just a little bit more versatile? What if you want to have a classy dinner with friends? What if you just want to have more room to pace around while you brush your teeth? And most importantly, why should you have to forgo any of these simple pleasures just because you prefer smaller-scale living? As always, the prankster nerds over at the MIT Media Lab have got you covered.

The Media Lab’s Changing Places group brings us CityHome, which looks kind of like what might happen if Apple were to design an MRI machine. The CityHome was designed to be an all-in-one furniture module for tiny spaces: It can transform a room from a bedroom to an office to a kitchen, for example, with a literal wave of the hand. This is the future! Why would you ever have to sully your fingers with something as archaic as a button?

For those interested in creating nightmarish experiences for their friends, the CityHome also inexplicably comes with a “Miami Lights” option, in case you feel that 200 square feet is the perfect size for a club.

Watch the video above to witness a man chop lettuce, walk around in a towel, and black out with his closest buddies all in the same itty bitty space, thanks to the CityHome.

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