In a culture of flimsy one-season clothing, this hoodie …


Flint and Tinder

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… is meant to last for the rest of your life. But, at the very least, its makers, Flint and Tinder, promise that it will last for the next decade. And if it doesn’t — if it rips or tears or otherwise starts to break down — they’ll fix it for you. Because they think that “not everything should be disposable.”

This is part of Flint and Tinder’s stand against planned obsolescence. “If you buy a shirt for $50 and it doesn’t even a make it a few months, you might think you got a bargain,” the company says in its Kickstarter video. Maybe this has happened to you. (It has happened to me.) And sometimes it doesn’t feel like there’s much choice — spend $50 or $200, and you’ll get the same shoddily made stuff.

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This hoodie, at least, will try to stand the test of days and nights and weekends of snuggling close inside it. The company doesn’t make any promises about the lining not getting all pilly, but they do say it should get softer with every wash. And unlike many of the products we get excited about here, this one actually fits into our budget. It costs $89, and with a 10-year warranty, that works out to less than $10 per year. If it holds up, this hoodie might actually be worth that investment.