Don't try this at home.
Frederick TrinidadDon’t try this at home.

In the “why didn’t we think of this” files, dating site How About We suggests you use Spinlister, a bike-swap site, to also swap bodily fluids. (Safely, of course.)

Online marketplace Spinlister is essentially AirBnb for bicycle renting: An owner puts their cycle on display and anyone jonesing for an afternoon ride can take it off their hands for a few bucks. The site emphasizes people as well as the hardware. Anyone looking for a bike (broken down by zip code) is also graced with profiles of their owners.

Profiles, you say? Like with photos of hot bikers? Why yes! A cursory click or two finds Shelby, a handsome gent in San Francisco renting his road bike, and cute Jesse in Lower Manhattan renting the aptly named “Jesse’s Girl.” (He rides her regularly. WINK.)

Continues How About We:

[If] you and your bike renter hit it off, well, that’s an added bonus. Just remember to wear a helmet.

And by “helmet” they mean “condom.” (Zing!)