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Tofu, rice, kale, berriesWell, here we are, halfway through our week of vegetarianism and no one in my family has starved yet! So, success.

Here’s a tip for all you aspiring vegetarians: Marry a great cook. It’s hard to miss meat when you get a dinner like this.

That’s deep-fried marinated tofu, rice, and braised kale, with fresh blueberries on the side. Three dry cups of rice and two pounds of tofu were involved … and the boys and I ate it all! Narf narf.

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Veggie faceThis over here to the left is what Griffin got as an appetizer the other night. How can you not love veggies like this?

We’ve also done pasta puttanesca, which was a big hit.

Breakfast is fairly easy. And home-cooked dinner is fairly easy. The only thing I’m struggling with is eating out, especially for lunch at work. Mexican food isn’t the same without meat. Deli food isn’t either — most vegetarian sandwiches are a travesty. It takes a lot of salad to fill me up. I can’t eat Thai every day! (Though I’m apparently trying.)

What are your quick ‘n’ easy vegetarian lunches? Tell me, and while you’re at it, give some money to Grist.

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