Yerdle — not to be confused with the homonymously-named turtle — is a word that, when repeated out loud in a variety of character voices, is an instant mood-improver. It is also an app that lets people buy and sell lightly used Patagonia jackets, stainless steel percolators, and other miscellaneous items that are cluttering up your lifestyle. The company prides itself on eliminating waste by putting neglected possessions back into use to encourage simpler living. And there’s no better way to help people make major life changes than the world’s most reliable decision-making tool: ONLINE QUIZ!!!

The quiz: Which tiny house personality are you? (At the bottom of the post, too.)

The likely objective: Get people to sell their stuff (on Yerdle, of course) for new tiny houses — to simplify!

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Regardless, internet quizzes are way too much fun to pass up. And, tiny houses can lead to more sustainable living, even if the fantasy is getting a little out of control. (That is, if you actually live sustainably in them — just buying the mini-house doesn’t count if you still drive a Hummer to work every day.)

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I took this quiz again and again — once in earnest, again in an attempt to emulate worst human being I could imagine, once as my grandfather, and once with my eyes closed.

But here’s the thing: Every result told me I’d be ready for the tiny house lifestyle, or at least a downsize.

Sure, this is quiz is merely a marketing scheme (albeit a delightful one) — but Yerdle may be on to something (and not just picking the perfect lexical combination of the words yodel and girdle). Whether you downsize, find used stuff on the internet, or go all Alexander Supertramp, all of us could benefit from less consumer-driven lifestyles — no matter what your dream home looks like. (FWIW: hobbit hole, all the way.)

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