If you love biking so much that the idea of getting off your bike to do work makes your stomach curl just a little bit, here is your solution. It’s called a Kickstand desk, and it lets you hook your bike up to your work surface so you can ride while you do your TPS reports.

Its designers have nothing but the purest of intentions:

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We’re cyclists. We want to ride, but we have to work. Unless you’re riding for work, you’re not riding at work.

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Our idea was simple: create a way that someone could ride at work. Rather than change careers and become couriers, we decided to solve the problem with furniture; creating desks and accessories designed for those of us who need to be at a desk, but long to be on the road.

Basically, you get many of the joys and health benefits of being a courier, without the attendant risks of traffic and the annoyance of having to cart envelopes to and fro all day to people who could really just email each other. Plus, you can justify wearing more comfortable clothes to the office. And you don’t have to worry about where you’ll store your bike while you’re at work. Except for the part where it costs $1,500, it’s a win all around!