“Live streaming” is kind of an awkward phrase to use in the context of “vasectomy,” but that’s exactly what’ll happen for 1,000 men on Oct. 18. In celebration of the first-ever World Vasectomy Day (official slogan: “Balls on the Line”), 100 doctors in 25 countries will make some pretty important snips — and you’ll be able to watch online (so SAVE THE DATE).


“For men who do not want to have more children, it’s the best way we can be responsible to ourselves, to our family, and to the world. We don’t need 1 billion more people on the planet — we need to take better care of the 7 billion we already have,” urges documentary filmmaker Jonathan Stack, adding that the vasectomies will reduce humanity’s carbon footprint by 1 million metric tons. “That’s more than 20,000 people could do in a lifetime of recycling, reducing, or reusing.”

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Stack recently shot a documentary about vasectomies, becoming inspired after getting his own from urologist Doug Stein, whom he says is “like Don Quixote — a man on a mission to save the planet, one vasectomy at a time.” Stack is trying to raise $50,000 to finish the documentary, make World Vasectomy Day a massive success, and ultimately slow down the runaway train that is global population. Donating $100 gets you the documentary and one of these sweet shirts:


Watch the video — which includes the money quote, “Simon, you’re gonna have the cleanest scrotum in Kenya”:

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