It’s that time of the year. We’ve eaten too many root vegetables, spent many hours pent-up indoors, and too much time outside bundled up like the Michelin man. The first green things that come out of the ground are like a mirage at the end of the long winter. Initially, there are ramps, daylilies, and fiddlehead ferns and then hidden among the leaves comes the delicious and elusive morel. They are Minnesota’s state mushroom, but can be found all over the United States. Hard to mistake for anything poisonous, they are a fool-proof treasure hunt … as long as you can find them. Morels are delicious and sell for $50 a pound, but with a little luck and know-how, anyone can find them. So watch this video to join seasoned morel hunter John Ratzloff and myself as we explore and explain how to find and cook morels. Note: Whenever hunting any wild mushroom, it is always a good idea to check mushroom refrence guides to ensure safe eating.

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