Climate scientist James Hansen says he can prove that climate change caused the Texas heat wave.

Maine fishermen caught more lobster last year than ever before.

Wave and tidal energy could provide enough electricity to meet 15 percent of current demand in the United States.

In London, plastic straws are the new plastic bags. No one wants ’em.

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An Alaska congressman created a (joke! it was a joke!) resolution urging the federal government to take control of Central Park, analogizing that action to the federal government’s relationship to the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge. Because Central Park is so pristine, and also has oil underneath it. They are exactly the same! Environmentalists now say, “Oh, we totally get it! Yah, let’s drill in ANWR. And in Central Park, too, why not.”

Ohio doesn’t want to play host to fracking wastewater.

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California is winning renewable energy: 5 percent of that state’s power comes from wind, and it’s going to exceed its goals for solar installation.