Solar storm a-comin’! Batten down the planet! Seriously, it’s today and it’s supposed to be the strongest in six years, which is confusing because the one two months ago was supposed to be the strongest in seven years and how does THAT work? Anyway, it could “disrupt power grids, satellites, oil pipelines, and high-accuracy GPS systems.”

Barack Obama announced $1 billion in government support for alternative vehicles yesterday.

Here’s the official James Hansen “I’m just a reticent midwestern scientist” TED talk (sponsored by Goldman Sachs?). He explains why he decided to get arrested in front of the White House.

The Senate is going to vote on approving Keystone XL and on delaying EPA air pollution regulations for industrial boilers.

Petroleum products were America’s lead export last year, and it turns out we sent away more than we imported for the first time since 1949.

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SimCity now has climate change consequences built in, so if you choose only cheap coal to power your city, you’ll have problems.

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