I hope everyone’s following the Waxman-Markey hearings via C-SPAN and Twitter, specifically @kate_sheppard @climatebill and @MarkeyMemo.  If you’re not, you’re missing some vintage fruitloopery. Really jaw-dropping stuff.

Here are a few videos rounded up from the last few days.

Rep. “Smokey” Joe Barton (R-Texas) went on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal to say … oh, how to pick one thing? CO2 is benign because it’s in cola? We can’t regulate CO2 because “you can’t regulate God”? Choose your favorite nugget of dimwittery!

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Then there’s Rep. John Shimkus (R-Ill.), who says CO2 can’t be bad because we breathe it out!

And then Shimkus, awkwardly trying to kiss up to corporations while also parroting the GOP’s hilarious new “fighting for the little guy” line, and generally botching the job:

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) says that implementing national efficiency standards for appliances would create a “global warming gestapo“:

Here a couple of GOP reps attack green jobs:


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