Source photos: Republican Conference and Bill V.So, remember how Republicans triumphantly reinstated styrofoam cups in congressional cafeterias, presumably as part of their plan to save jobs and mom and apple pie and small businesses and stuff? Well, they got the “business” part right: The cups they’ll be using are made by a company belonging to a former Koch Industries executive. Those little scamps do just crop up everywhere, don’t they.

GOP leaders didn’t dictate the choice of WinCup, owned by former Koch fiend George Wurtz. So this isn’t some kind of Koch conspiracy. (What, AGAIN with defending the Kochs? We’re no fun anymore, are we?) But it does underline two things:

  1. Once you get rich enough, anything you can think of is probably owned by you or someone you know. The Kochs are like the Kevin Bacon of every planet-unfriendly business in the world.   
  2. The GOP’s decision to literally trash the country doesn’t just harm the environment. It also — what a shock — puts money in the pockets of the ultra-rich.

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