What one man can accomplish in a few short years. Just let the crazy wash over you:

  1. Bill McKibben's climate change activism group 350.org is a communist plot March 2011
  2. Winter disproves global warming March 2010
  3. Beck peddles 'food insurance' kits: "More than peak oil or financial crash, I fear angry men armed to the teeth." November 2010
  4. Beck sneers at the food safety bill December 2010
  5. Race-baiting Beck insists Van Jones is a communist ex-con on a mission to dispense reparations for slavery September 2009
  6. Beck insists Van Jones is a black nationalist taking over the U.S. from the inside July 2009
  7. Not content with Van Jones resignation, Beck targets 'other radicals' September 2009
  8. Obama's clean energy agenda will destroy the economy, energy advisor Carol Browner is a socialist October 2009
  9. Cap and trade will cost American families $1,761 a year September 2009
  10. The smart grid is a socialist plot to steal our thermostats March 2009

Bonus! Here are a couple of clips charting the earliest evolution of Beck's denialism. 

Cow farts produce more greenhouse gases than cars July 2007

Climate change is a complete and utter hoax, here are a bunch of denialists to prove it May 2007

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Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.