After watching end-of-life planning become “death panels” and estate taxes become “death taxes,” Democrats are finally figuring out that owning the spin is all about owning the terminology. Accordingly, they’ve been having a grand time proposing amendments to give a more accurate name to the “Energy Tax Prevention Act,” which would “prevent energy taxes” by completely neutering the EPA’s ability to regulate greenhouse gases. (The House and Senate are scheduled to vote on the act this week, though the White House has indicated that it would be vetoed if it passed.)

Everyone restrained themselves from suggesting the names we would have gone with, like the “F U EPA Act” or the “Congressional Republicans Hate Humans Part 2308526 Act.” But we have to give snark points to Rep. Gerry Connolly of Virginia, who suggested changing it to the “Koch Brothers Appreciation Act.” Oh snap.

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Other suggestions showed why most of the time, listening to a member of Congress try to be funny is like listening to a member of Congress try to rap. ("Termination of EPA Greenhouse Gas Regulation in Order To Eliminate the Clean Air Act," ooooooh burn.) We did like “Protecting Americans From Polar Bears Act,” though.

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