It turns out that Double Rainbow guy, everyone's favorite non-cat meme producer since Tay Zonday, has a name (it's Paul Vasquez) and a face (it's sort of Cheech Marin meets Hurley). He also has an alternative energy platform and a presidential campaign, of sorts. A Facebook app called Votocracy allows normal (for some value of "normal") people to declare their candidacy, garner votes, and even debate each other in a sort of American Idolesque shadow campaign. 

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In a race where the "serious" candidates have included Michele Bachmann and Donald Trump, it's becoming increasingly hard to distinguish this kind of reality-show campaigning from the real thing. But Vasquez' chances probably still aren't good. He knows that, but look, the man has a vision for the country! And it involves alternative energy, protecting natural resources, and getting off foreign oil, so frankly he's already a better bet than Bachmann. Here's part of his campaign statement, from the above video:

If I was to get elected president, I would declare a state of emergency. i would create a section of the government like homeland security but it would be for alternative energy, and that department would be in charge of making sure that we could maximize our efforts to get ourselves on alternative energy. We need to get off of foreign oil here in this country, it is depleting our resources and it's polluting our environment and it's making it so that we cannot survive on this planet anymore. My main issue is that we need to do what Eisenhower did for the highway system and what Kennedy did for the moon race and declare emergency, and say that this is priority one, PRIORITY ONE, and we are going to get on alternative energy, we're going to put Americans to work BUILDING THE INFRASTRUCTURE that it takes to connect our alternative energy generating capacity so that we can get off of foreign oil and we'll be rich again and that will solve all our problems.

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Vasquez acknowledges that his candidacy is "a long shot," but If he gets the nod, he'll take it ALL THE WAY! All the way across the sky!