According to a new poll, a majority of folks in South Carolina — from both parties — agree that it’s time to do something about global warming. However, while the majority of Democrats polled believe that humans are driving recent warming, a majority of Republicans cite "natural processes."

This position by Republicans, which I think is fairly common, strikes me as a strange artifact of their cultural biases.

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They see the notion that humans are driving global warming as part of a narrative spun by human-hating, nature-worshiping, blame-America-first liberals (the bogey man liberals that populate their dark fantasies, anyway). But they see clean energy as part of a narrative of American innovation and capitalism. So they reject the first and embrace the second.

But that position is logically incoherent. If human-emitted CO2 isn’t causing the problem, why would reducing human CO2 emissions solve the problem? Why support a massive retrofitting of the American economy if the present economy isn’t a problem?

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Anybody care to explain this to me?