Looking for a way to veep score on environmental issues in tonight’s VP debate? Grist has got your back with a sure-fire method for determining who really wins these things: Talking Points Bingo.

Grist presents - Talking Points Bingo

Download printable bingo cards [PDF].

The Rules:

  1. Download and print off the Palin and Biden boards (there are 10 different boards in total), and pass them out to all your friends.
  2. Mark on your board whenever Palin or Biden says one of the listed words during tonight’s debate. (Doesn’t matter who says what.)
  3. If you get five words in a row, stand up on a chair and shout “Biden!” or “Palin!” (depending on which board you have).
  4. Sit down.
  5. Pour yourself a drink either to celebrate or commiserate with the veep candidate who just won the debate.

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