I know you mean well, Proposition 37 campaign. I know things have been hard lately. I know some days you don’t even want to get out of bed in the morning because god it’s just so hard out there. I get it.

But what the hell is this?

This is, in fact, a Prop 37 campaign image that’s currently circulating on Facebook and in advertising to push for a yes vote on the GMO labeling measure tomorrow. From the caption:

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Does your ham contain human genes? You wouldn’t know unless it’s labeled … Pigs with human growth genes are among the creatures that food scientists have invented. Experimental life forms are sold today as “all natural” food. Does that sound natural to you?

No, it sounds terrible for everyone, especially those pigs, who ended up growing so deformed — blind, arthritic, generally miserable — that the scientists with the U.S. Department of Agriculture abandoned the project years ago. (FWIW, human meat wouldn’t be labeled under Proposition 37 because our human meat isn’t genetically modified. At least not yet …)

But, hey, real talk, Prop 37? This crazy is not helping.

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.

I sympathize with the Prop 37 people. They’re being outspent nearly 7 to 1 by their corporate overlords opposition, and the onslaught of negative ads hasn’t just chipped away at support; what once seemed like a potential landslide victory has been decimated over the last six weeks. But instead of arguing on the issues — like the much-repeated but not backed-up opposition claim that the measure would increase grocery bills for California families by hundreds of dollars — it seems Prop 37 has been reduced to implying that they’re fighting cannibalism.

I vote for more guerilla street art and less Facebook foolhardiness.

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