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In “Chewing the Scenery,” we round up interesting food-related video from around the Web.


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And now for the big finale. CBS News’ Katie Couric concludes her look at the use of antibiotics in livestock with an examination of the “Danish experiment” — with which Grist readers are no doubt already familiar. Short version: the Danes stopped using sub-therapeutic antibiotics in their pigs and saw no ill effects. Couric observed that pork raised without antibiotics costs no more than 5 cents more per pound — not exactly spelling the end of cheap meat.

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Couric also spoke with the head of Applegate Farms as well as the head of Koch’s turkey farm in Pennsylvania about the ease with which farmers can transition away from the use of antibiotics. And FDA number two Joshua Sharfstein reappears, this time speaking a bit more forcefully about the public health risk the routine use of antibiotics in livestock represents. Couric concluded with a mention of Rep. Louise Slaughter’s PAMTA bill that would restrict the use of antibiotics in livestock.