Don’t miss Jason Leopold’s crack investigative reporting on Truthout today:

This story is based on a two-month investigation into Cheney’s energy task force; how the vice president pressured cabinet officials to conceal clear-cut evidence of market manipulation during California’s energy crisis, and how that subsequently led Cheney to exert executive privilege when lawmakers called on him to turn over documents related to his meetings with energy industry officials who helped draft the National Energy Policy and also gamed California’s power market. Truthout spoke with more than a dozen former officials from the Energy Department and FERC as well as current and former energy industry executives all of whom were involved in personal discussions with Cheney relating to the National Energy Policy.

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Say what you will about Cheney — the dude is industrious. Has any other elected figure in a democratic government accomplished so much evil, on so many fronts, in so little time? He’s like the Energizer Bunny of evil.

Update [2007-7-25 22:49:50 by David Roberts]: I’ve been warned by a friend that Leopold’s reporting is generally not to be trusted in the absence of outside corroboration. Some of the details are here. So caveat lector.

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