Climate change will create a range of new security threats, including millions of displaced climate refugees, according to a new report from Britain’s Oxford Research Group. The report forecasts a tumultuous climate-changed future by as early as 2050 where some 200 million climate refugees fleeing environmental disasters in their homelands will try to immigrate to the U.K. and other wealthy nations. To his credit, the report’s author recommends actually tackling climate change now to avoid encountering such a situation instead of beefing up anti-immigration policies and fortifying police and other armed forces. However, given the current pace of action on climate change (and governments’ fondness for brute force), the report offered but one bright point: a high likelihood for revolution. “If governments simply respond with traditional attempts to maintain the status quo and control insecurity they will ultimately fail,” the report said. “In today’s globalized world, using military force to secure resources overseas, while attempting to create a fortress state at home, will not work … The security consequences of climate change will not just manifest themselves ‘over there’ — there will be domestic security concerns for both developed and developing nations alike.”