Not content with saving people from fires and storms and probably firestorms, Newark Mayor Cory Booker heard about a dog left out alone in the cold, went and got her, took her inside, contacted her owners, and probably saved her from getting hypothermia. I just cannot with this guy.

The dog, whose name is Cha Cha, was spotted shivering on a Newark porch by a local ABC reporter, who alerted Booker on Twitter. (She’s getting a little shade about not saving the dog herself, but to be fair it’s a little easier for the mayor to storm onto your property and seize your animals than it is for some rando.) Look at him being all heroic and shit:


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Cha Cha’s owner says he doesn’t know how she ended up outside, but that’s probably because he was ashamed to speak the truth to Booker’s burning eyes and ridiculous headband.

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Seriously though, people, don’t leave your animals outside in this weather. I know they have coats, but you have a coat too, and you wouldn’t want to be outside all night in it. Don’t make us sic Cory Booker on your ass.

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