John McCain said he wants to postpone Friday’s presidential debate in light of the financial crisis. Obama says: no.

Lots of political commentators are saying lots of things about this, and it’s outside my bailiwick, so I won’t add much except to say: it’s telling that McCain thinks electoral politics is something silly and distracting, a grubby sideshow to be cast aside when it’s time to put "country first." If I was running a campaign as petty and dishonest as McCain’s, I guess I’d think so too.

UPDATE: McCain will, however, make time to address the Clinton Global Initiative tomorrow. After that it’s straight back to D.C. to politicize help solve this whole financial thing!

UPDATE: Now McCain’s camp wants to postpone the VP debate as well. For two weeks. Country first!

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UPDATE: Reading more closely now, I see that they actually want to “reschedule” the VP debate for an unspecified future date. Awesome. Oh yeah, and if they cancel that first debate it’s going to cost Ole Miss $5 million. But hey, anything to have McCain — who has no expertise on the economy or jurisdiction over the relevant entities — in D.C. while they try to figure this thing out. Country first!

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