The NYT had an article this weekend that might as well have been titled “Dems Corrupt, Green Companies Gorging on Bonanza of Earmarked Pork and Wasting Your Money.”

Really? Let’s look at the evidence they present.

Exhibit A is Sunpower Corp, which received a $20 million grant from the DOE. Where did those funds come from? The President’s Solar America Initiative, announced in his February 2006 State of the Union address — which, as I pointed out at the time, merely returned funding for solar research to the levels enjoyed under the Carter administration (a modest $148 million). Hardly a bonanza.

So, here we have a competitively bid project, out of a ridiculously small program that was contained in the president’s budget and passed by the Republican-controlled Congress, used as proof that Dems are giving away the house to green companies.

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Dems? No. Earmarked? No. Pork? No.

And all of this about a bill that Republicans are fighting and the president has threatened to veto specifically because … wait for it … it has the temerity to reduce tax incentives and subsidies to fossil fuel industries!

Your liberal media at work.

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