Sadly, I missed Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius giving her speech Tuesday evening. Here are some excerpts from the full text.

“Millions of Americans are proud to make their homes in rural communities, where values are deeply-rooted and passed down, like the family farm, from generation to generation. Too many in Washington are willing to write off these communities as part of an America of the past.

But not Barack Obama. He’ll help us revitalize rural America by harnessing our natural assets, creating “green jobs” and linking the heartland to America’s future. Barack Obama knows it’s time for tax breaks for America’s main streets not Wall Street. But not John McCain. He believes in country-club economics. He wants more tax cuts for big corporations, while giving only a third of the middle-class tax relief that Barack Obama will deliver.

And later in the speech:

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We know that the fuel for our future can be found in the grasses and crops that grow, year after year, on our fertile prairies. The energy for tomorrow is there in the clean, renewable power of the steady winds that blow across our fields. Investing in American energy will create 5 million green jobs-jobs that will revitalize many of our rural communities. Jobs that can never be outsourced to a foreign supplier.

She also got in a dig at McCain: “I’m sure you remember a girl from Kansas who said there’s no place like home. Well, in John McCain’s version, there’s no place like home. And a home. And home. And home.”

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