New Hampshire climate activists take advantage of election spotlight

The wee state of New Hampshire hopes to take advantage of its front-running primary election to make climate change a priority at the federal level. In March or thereabouts, at least 180 communities, constituting more than 75 percent of the state, will vote on a resolution that calls for the feds to get off their arses and support a national greenhouse-gas reduction program and sustainable-energy research. The (hopefully favorable) results will be compiled by the nonpartisan Carbon Coalition — composed of greens, business groups, scientists, and others — and presented to the prez, Congress, and 2008 presidential wannabes. “Given that New Hampshire is such an important primary state, candidates will take this seriously and make it part of their campaign,” says optimistic signature-gathering volunteer Caroline Robinson. In 1983, a similar petition on the issue of acid rain had significant impact on the 1984 election and national acid-rain policy. Here’s to (some of) history repeating itself.