Muckraker: Grist on Politics

Foodies have been wondering who will feed the Obamas when they move into the White House on January 20. Some gourmands and sustainable-food advocates have argued that a chef who will focus on local and organic foods should replace current White House Executive Chef Cristeta Comerford.

Gourmet editor Ruth Reichl and restaurateurs Alice Waters and Danny Meyer sent a letter to Obama asking him to pick a chef who is sustainability-minded, and might even use foods from a White House garden. Michael Pollan called for the same thing.

Reichl and friends even offered to help Obama find the right chef for the job. “A person of integrity who is devoted to the ideals of sustainability and health would send a powerful message that food choices matter,” they wrote. “Supporting seasonal, ripe delicious American food would not only nourish your family, it would support our farmers, inspire your guests, and energize the nation.”

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But sustainable foodies won’t get their way on this one (just as they didn’t with Obama’s choice for secretary of agriculture). The Obamas are planning to keep the current chef, a transition official says.

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