CNN has projected McCain the winner. With 62% of precincts reporting, McCain is ahead of Romney 36% to 32%, with Giuliani’s presidential aspirations going up in smoke, or rather, going up in a 15% debacle. More later.

UPDATE: Final is 36-31. It’s a Romney/McCain race and McCain is the prohibitive favorite. He’s now the yardstick against which to measure a Dem candidate.

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UPDATE: Giuliani’s going to drop out and endorse McCain. Yay war!

UPDATE: Ex-Grister Kate Sheppard is down in Florida covering the primaries. She says turnout for the non-delegate-producing, allegedly fake Florida Democratic primary “surpassed the turnout for any primary on record ever in the state, according to the Florida Democratic Party.”

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Lots of folks are upset over the cheesy spin Clinton’s trying to put on her more-or-less uncontested primary win. Still, it does seem a little strange to completely disregard the votes of a million people in the most diverse state yet to host a primary.