In a recent post about buy back programs to get polluting junkers off the road, I think David’s key point was this: “This is one of those silver bb’s enviros need to learn how to market better. All small-bore solutions sound faintly silly in isolation …”

In fact any solution that is drastically new sounds faintly silly in isolation, or can be made to sound so if an empty-headed media does a one-sentence rephrase (omitting key facts or outright lying if necessary) followed by extended fits of giggles and horselaughs.

For example, Obama made a quite reasonable case that keeping tires inflated properly would save more oil than all offshore drilling combined. The response from the Republican Party and media combined is Tire gauges? Haw, haw, haw!

It would be interesting to hear from some market types on how to counteract this garbage. Because otherwise we can watch idiots giggle our future away: “What, you want to stuff my attic with some sort of fabric? Chortle … You want to produce electricity by sticking blades on a tower in a windy spot? Heh, heh, heh … You want to put up paths so people can ride bicycles like little kids? Ha, ha,ha.”

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You tell me: Are we doomed to forever be South Park Nation, headed by President Beavis and Vice President Butthead? Or is there a way to be heard over the whinnying and braying?

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