There are enough of them to field a baseball team or fill the Supreme Court bench. With nine candidates vying to win the Democratic nomination for president, sometimes it can be tough to remember which one drives the SUV and which one’s the vegan. To help you get a leg up on the environmental platforms of President Bush’s would-be challengers for the presidency, Grist is conducting interviews with the contenders. (Looking for a particular interview but don’t see it? Check back soon — and in the meantime, email the candidate and say you’d like to read more about his or her environmental policies in Grist.)


Rebel with a cause?, an interview with Howard Dean

My campaign is about a long-range vision for the country and you can’t have a serious long-range vision for the country if you don’t talk about the environment.

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Kerry’s Jubilee, an interview with John Kerry

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If there’s wind, water, snow, trails, I want to be there. I want to taste it, feel it. I crave nature.


Dennis the Menace, an interview with Dennis Kucinich

When there is a collision between those values that support life and economic practices, the economic practices must always yield to protect the environment.


Meet Joe Green? an interview with Joe Lieberman

As Connecticut’s attorney general, I hauled polluters into court and made them pay. In fact, a corporate defense firm had to dedicate a whole wing of his office to defend those suits. He named it the Lieberman wing. I’m proud of that.