Environmentalists unleashed a barrage of criticism yesterday against Rep. Darrell Issa (R), who bankrolled much of the campaign to recall California Gov. Gray Davis (D) and is now running for the gubernatorial spot himself. “His voting record in Congress is absolutely abysmal,” said Rico Mastrodonato, executive director of the California League of Conservation Voters. Mastrodonato’s group, along with the Sierra Club and Clean Water Action, lambasted Issa for voting against safe drinking water standards, air-quality protections, and stricter fuel economy standards for SUVs, among other things. Issa’s campaign defends his record. “Darrell Issa is pro-environment 100 percent,” said Jonathan Wilcox, campaign communication director, who pointed out that Issa owns a hybrid car. No word yet on the environmental credentials of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who may jump into the fray as another Republican contender for the governor’s mansion.