Meatless meals on wheels? Madison, Wis., is weighing whether to dictate that all food carts in the city offer vegetarian options.

They’re also considering adding a “green” section to their rating system for the mobile restaurants, giving points for biodegradable and recyclable to-go containers, eco-friendly truck fuel, and local foods.

Here’s The Wisconsin State Journal on the veggie issue:

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The suggestion came from a city food cart reviewer who is a vegetarian, street vending coordinator Warren Hansen said.

“I always tell new applicants to include at least one vegetarian item because there’s a demand for it,” Hansen said. “It’s just good business.”

But actually requiring the option is probably impractical, Hansen said.

Impractical, sure, but most of our food system is already impractical — why not throw us veg-heads a fake bone here? Urban food trucks are going like gangbusters nationwide, and this kind of support for meatless meals from city government could spark other places to do at least some of the same. That’s practical and delicious.

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