Wow, the latest out of Bali is really, um, something to behold:

The US and the European Union found a rare common cause when they combined to ask developing nations to cut or remove tariffs on imports of environmental goods and services.

Golly, why would developing nations not go for that?

Other developing countries were also understood to be concerned that the proposal would only benefit rich nations, by opening up export markets in green goods and services before poor countries had a chance to develop them.

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Well, there is one "environmental good and service" for which developing countries have robust markets, but, um …

Poor countries pointed out, however, that the US and EU retained import tariffs on biofuels.

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Hm, good point. How we going to talk our way out of that one? Wait for it … waaaait for it …

Susan Schwab, US trade representative, said that biofuels were classed as an agricultural issue at world trade talks and thus were separate from discussions of environmental goods and services.

Bam! Rock solid logic, baby! Now STFU, poor countries, and let our container ships in.