Muck’s got the complete scoop here and here, but here’s a quick rundown on governors’ races with a green tinge:

California — Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) v. Phil Angelides (D)
Voters get to decide this year whether they want to keep Arnie in office or move forward with Angelides, the state treasurer and this year’s Democratic candidate. The big enviro groups are standing behind Angelides (and for a cheesy video demonstrating this, check here), but on the whole, voters in the eco-sympathetic state seem to be leaning in favor of the incumbent, thanks in no small part to his role in the state’s recent passage of a landmark bill that aims to cut emissions to 1990 levels by 2020.

Colorado — Bob Beauprez (R) v. Bill Ritter (D)
Beauprez has had a dismal environmental record in the House, and green voters are hoping Ritter will pull ahead here. Ritter’s support of new energy sources and public-land preservation puts him among the candidates supported by big enviro groups.

Massachusetts — Kerry Healy (R) v. Deval Patrick (D)
The Cape Wind Project and support for Massachusetts’ underfunded parks have been key discussion points in the run up to today’s election, and Patrick has been the green-leaner on both.

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Maryland — Robert Ehrlich (R) v. Martin O’Malley (D)
O’Malley has been a green-tastic mayor down in Baltimore and has won the endorsement of the Sierra Club. In his acceptance speech for that endorsement, O’Malley outlined an Environmental Bill of Rights. ‘Nuff said.

Michigan — Dick DeVos (R) v. Jennifer Granholm (D)
Incumbent Granholm’s got a good green record, especially next to corporate chummy-type DeVos.

Nevada — Jim Gibbons (R) v. Dina Titus (D)
Even though her name sounds like some sort of houseplant-maiming disease, Titus has emerged as the green-friendly candidate in Nevada. Opponent Gibbons racked up a poor environmental record in the House, and Titus has spoken out in support of clean, renewable energies and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

New Mexico — John Dendahl (R) v. Bill Richardson (D)
Incumbent Richardson has outlined forward-thinking policies on energy and the environment, and has a favorable environmental record thus far.

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New York — John Faso (R) v. Eliot Spitzer (D)
State Attorney General Spitzer is running virtually unchallenged here, with Faso barely registering on statewide polls. As state AG, Spitzer has earned the love from enviros, taking on not just New York state polluters, but Midwest polluters as well, and won. He’s expected to clean up today as well.

Ohio — Ken Blackwell (R) v. Ted Strickland (D)
Even if Strickland’s environmental record during his time in the House was only middling, he looks stellar next to uber-conservative Blackwell. And his support for green jobs and energy efficiency earn him extra brownie points.

Oregon — Ron Saxton (R) v. Ted Kulongoski (D)
What can I say? Green voters love incumbent Kulongoski.

Pennsylvania — Lynn Swann (R) v. Ed Rendell (D)
Rendell’s record on clean air and mercury pollution reductions in this industry-laden state have him miles ahead of challenger Swann in the eyes of enviros.

Wisconsin — Mark Green (R) v. Jim Doyle (D)
Green has had a paltry record in the House on environmental issues, and voters inclined to care about those things are hoping his bid to unseat Gov. Doyle is unsuccessful.

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