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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed today that the stimulus package Congress is working on will do more than just invest in traditional projects like roads and bridges. “Make no mistake: this is not your grandfather’s public works bill,” said the Speaker.

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The package, which she said must be passed “no later than mid-February,” will have significant investments in transit, energy, and other technological advancements.

“Thanks to the leadership of our Chairmen on the Science Committee, Mr. Bart Gordon, and especially on Infrastructure, Mr. Oberstar, this is a smart, 21st century plan that will create new jobs by investing in a cleaner energy future. Mr. Waxman is working on that; strengthening high-tech infrastructure to bring the power of renewable energy and broadband to communities across America; and rebuilding our bridges, and modernizing our schools,” said Pelosi.

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The remarks came at a Democratic Steering & Policy Committee forum this morning on the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan.” Also attending the forum: Dr. Mark Zandi, chief economist at; former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich; Harvard economist Martin Feldstein; Norman Augustine, author of Rising Above the Gathering Storm and the former chairman and CEO of Lockheed Martin; and Maria Zuber of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.