Mr. Ryan. (Photo by Toby Alter.)

Here is what Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said to a reporter in Virginia this morning on the subject of climate change:

All the solutions that people like Barack Obama are trying to impose on the American people, cost us jobs, make us less competitive and I think there’s a big debate about the scientific veracity of some of the solutions or so-called solutions.

Ryan, currently an elected official serving in the House of Representatives on behalf of more than 600,000 people, is a grown adult who graduated from Miami University. He is not known to suffer from any ailment that would impair his ability to understand scientific facts and to differentiate between speculative opinion and reasoned evidence. At no time in his career — most of which has taken place on Capitol Hill — is Ryan known to have himself conducted scientific studies into the efficacy of climate mitigation strategies.

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It should be noted that Ryan, along with a gentleman named Mitt Romney, is currently running in a political contest against the aforementioned Barack Obama, therefore making it in Ryan’s best interest to undermine support for Obama among those voters in Virginia who were watching the newscast. His running mate, Romney, has received more than $2 million from oil and gas companies — not counting contributions to super PACs.

We otherwise have no comment on Ryan’s remarks.

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H/t Molly Ball.