If scientists could take the repeated dashing of hopes for a better future and harness it to make electrons, we’d have electricity too cheap to meter. If the crushing of expectations were a renewable resource, this Congress is truly on the cutting edge of the clean energy revolution.

Apparently, Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi met on Thursday morning and decided to move an energy bill that does not include an RPS [see this post]. Or a tax title. No tax title means no extension of the investment tax credit for solar, and no extension of the production tax credit for wind. Let’s see … nothing for solar, plus nothing for wind, … add no RPS, carry the zero … yep, that adds up to nothing for renewable energy. Got that? Congressional leadership is moving an energy bill with nothing in it for renewable energy.

We’ve got maybe 24 hours to turn this around. I suggest a phone blitz. Melt the %$@*! switchboard. Call your representative. Suggested script:

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Hi. My name is___. I, and 90 percent of America, would like more renewable energy. It’s not a tough call, since it’s pretty clear that the future of the world depends on it. So, please tell Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi to include a eight-year extension for the solar investment tax credits and a four-year extension of the wind production tax credits in the energy bill. Thank you.

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Find your representative’s number here.

I don’t understand the tactics here. A few weeks ago, the White House wrote Pelosi a letter saying Bush would veto an energy bill if it contained a mandatory RPS or “used the tax code to single out specific industries” (if there’s anything this administration hates, it’s using the tax code to help specific industries). But with oil at $100 a barrel and a president polling in the 20s, they decide to roll over on an issue that polls in the 90s?

If anyone can educate this country boy on the brilliant strategery here, I’d appreciate it. Because I’m here wondering why the f*ck we elect Democrats if they are just going to pass Republican legislation.

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