I’m inside the Xcel Center for tonight’s official proceedings, the final of the Republican National Convention. Outside, anti-war protesters are attempting to march on the convention. On my way in, the police had surrounded them on a bridge near the capitol building, and apparently they’ve arrested at least dozen of them. The police are in riot gear, some on horsebacks, many carrying giant sticks. It’s a permitted rally hosted by the Anti-War Committee, a local group; protesters had secured a permit for both a rally and a march. The situation is tense out there.

Meanwhile, inside, the crowd seems downright bored. They just showed a video about Sarah Palin proclaiming “love for the environment” and for “pre-dawn moose-hunts.” “She loves frugality, integrity, and moose stew,” said the video. The word “maverick” was used at least three times in the short video.