OK, Joe Lieberman is still the only person to mention either “global warming” or “climate change” in an official speech. But the energy issue is hot tonight, as is bashing Barack Obama and other Democrats for opposing expanded domestic drilling. The key excerpts:

Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.): “The choice in this election is clear … Do you want a country more dependent on Middle Eastern oil and crippled by higher gas prices? Or do you want a country with its own innovative energy supply? … If we want strict constructionist judges, less dependence on foreign oil, tort reform, health-care choices, and lower taxes — we need to elect Republicans.”

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty: “When he responded to our energy crisis with an all-of-the-above energy plan, John McCain put our country first! … John also knows it’s getting tougher for us to afford to fill-up at the pump. His energy plan is classic McCain — bold and aggressive.”

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Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.): “Last week in Denver, the other party was encouraging us to ‘believe.’ They told America over and over, ‘Yes we can.’ But when you look at the past two years with Democrats controlling the House and Senate, all we’ve seen is, ‘No we can’t.’ They said we can’t reach energy independence by finding new sources of oil and gas in our own country.

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“While the other side may say ‘yes we can’ and then votes ‘no you won’t,’ John McCain says ‘yes we will.’ Are we going to achieve energy independence with conservation, renewables, biofuels, and new domestic production of oil and gas? Yes we will. Are we going to develop more nuclear energy, clean coal technology, and the wind energy we need to generate the power to keep our nation running? Yes we will.”

One has to wonder what the energy conversation would have been like in on this subject had McCain not reversed his position on offshore drilling in June.

Not directly related, but here’s what Cindy McCain had to say about Sarah Palin: “John has picked a reform-minded, hockey-mommin’, basketball-shootin’, moose-huntin’, fly-fishin’, pistol-packing, mother of five for vice president.” The guy next to me in the stands yelled, “YEAH! She’s foxy! Foxy!”

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