Photo by David Shankbone.

Remember Harold Hamm? Hamm is the billionaire oil executive who serves as an advisor to the Romney campaign while he throws a million bucks or so into a pro-Romney super PAC. He’s basically the epitome of the worst of oil industry politics.

He’s up on Capitol Hill today, talking to politicians. But, not as an oil man, or a Romney backer, or a Romney advisor, or as a guy whose company has contributed almost $1.3 million to political campaigns so far this year. Nope.

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I am not here representing Continental Resources, any political campaign or political party. I am here as an American patriot that loves my country and a person that is grateful for the opportunities I have been given by being an American.

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Sure, giggle if you must. But that’s part of his prepared testimony [PDF] to Congress, advocating …

Come on. Let me finish, little baby. Patriot Hamm is on Capitol Hill to argue in defense of … subsidies for the oil industry.

Alright, fine. Go ahead and laugh.

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