[UPDATE: Full text of Sebelius’ remarks here.]

Obama-esque post-partisan soothing words. A “new American majority.” We’re all one big happy family!

Jobs, homes, jobs. Results. Working together. Getting the job done. Relentless pragmatism.

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Now, when she lauds actual policies and accomplishments, they all turn out to be advanced and pushed through by … Democrats. I mean Americans!

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Ooh, “building green”! “Shared sacrifices,” “investments for the next generations.” “Protect environment” and stay “economically competitive.” Cities are acting. Majorities in Congress are ready to tackle global warming. “Mr. President, will you join us. It’s time to get to work.” And by join “us,” of course she means join Americans … not (gasp) Democrats.

Our foreign policy has sucked. Regain our standing in the world.

Government can work. (Thank you!) Public service. Uncertain times. Meeting challenges. A surge of cliches! I’m losing interest …

New American majority. Common good. Coming together. We get it.

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