Blah blah blah. You know, the guy uses so much flim-flammery, so many deceptive code words, so many feints and misdirections, it’s almost like he’s speaking a different language. I have utterly lost the ability to hear it the way an Average Voter might. My brain translates it automatically.

Now he’s on the clean energy bit. Next steps — funding clean coal! Fund renwables and nukes. Fund batteries and auto technologies. Create a fund to fund the fund overseas. Funding! Funding! Never, ever regulation!

Whoa — an agreement that would “eventually reverse the growth of greenhouse gases.” Must include all major economies. How will it work? Science, technology, competitiveness, blah blah. Funding! Funding!

Weird how “funding” doesn’t equal “spending,” right? ‘Cause we know he wants to reduce the latter, right?

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OK, well, that’s it for me. Nothing surprising or remotely ambitious on the green front.

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