Pelosi and Boxer aim to green Capitol Hill

Tired of talking the energy-efficiency talk in an eco-unfriendly setting, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Barbara Boxer (both D-Calif.) are aiming to green Capitol Hill. On Friday, Pelosi wrote a letter directing the House chief administrative officer to look into implementing “the most up-to-date industry and government standards for green building and green operating procedures” in da House. Preliminary recommendations are due by the end of April, and may include thoughts on parking-lot materials, public transportation, and recycling. Boxer has set up a pilot program encouraging energy-efficient lighting in Senate offices, and is pushing legislation to similarly retrofit lighting in federal buildings nationwide. The 200-year-old Hill facilities are already heading in a sustainable direction — energy consumption is down 6 percent since 2003. “The Capitol complex should lead the nation in preserving our planet for future generations,” said Pelosi’s letter. Who’s the decider now?