We’re still here at Netroots Nation in Austin, Texas, where Stanford Law School professor and internet guru Lawrence Lessig just noted that climate change is the “most important public policy issue we will face in this generation.” He also talked up Al Gore, referring to himself as a “Gore-ophile.”

Lessig recently launched Change Congress, which he aims to develop into a website that can provide technological tools for voters to hold their representatives accountable and curb corruption in politics.

Speaking of politics, we’ve got lots of videos of Grist interviews with the political types who are here at Netroots Nation on the way. We’re also partnering with ReGeneration.org to talk to blogger folks about their ideas on climate and environment. Here are a few videos of Netrooters talking, starting with Andy Wilson from Public Citizen Texas talking about global warming and his ideas on what needs to be done to address it:

And here’s Raines Cohen of Berkeley, Calif. talking about climate change and Gore’s speech earlier this week:

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