Muckraker: Grist on Politics

The internets are abuzz with speculation that Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D) is going to be tapped as secretary of energy (see here, here, and here). She’s meeting today with Obama’s transition team to discuss energy issues.

Michigan Messenger has a longer piece about the Granholm rumor that’s worth checking out, including info on her record on energy issues in the state. The piece, though interesting, contains possibly two of the worst quotes in the history of administration speculation:

Granholm is “attractive and articulate — she’s got much more intellectual heft than [Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin],” [David] Poulson [of the Knight Center for Environmental Journalism] said — but, he added, “she’s not particularly popular in Michigan.”

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While Granholm, like Palin, is a former beauty queen, that’s about the only thing the two have in common. Riffing on the beauty theme, the Messenger picks up this quote from Granholm’s hair stylist:

But Granholm’s hairdresser, stylist and Saginaw County Board of Commissioners Chairwoman Cheryl Hadsall, told the Saginaw News she thinks the governor is interested.

“If she was called and was offered the right job, she would take it. Something where she could better promote Michigan. … What a great voice she would be for us in Washington.”

Politico, meanwhile, seems to think that the DOE post is in the bag for Google climate and energy guru Dan Reicher, and Congressional Quarterly also ranks him as the top contender.

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