Another group of scientists to campaign against Bush

Scientists and Engineers for Change, a 527 advocacy group unveiled yesterday, plans to send scientists on speaking gigs in swing states to argue that the Bush administration disregards and distorts science — in many cases, science relating to serious environmental problems. “We must begin to address climate change now. To do so, we must have an administration that listens to the scientific community, not one that manipulates and minimizes scientific input,” said Nobel Prize winner Douglas D. Osheroff. Osheroff is one of 10 Nobel winners who will join others in giving talks on what they see as the Bush administration’s manipulation of science in areas from stem-cell research to energy. The normally nonpartisan scientific community has seen unprecedented mobilization against Bush this year, including a letter endorsing John Kerry signed by a group of 48 Nobel winners and a campaign spearheaded by the Union of Concerned Scientists that accuses Bush of politicizing science.