Holy cognitive dissonance, Batman! Listen to this, from E&E (sub rqd):

Of the two Republicans on the subcommittee, Sen. Johnny Isakson (Ga.), repeated his call to use the [Lieberman-Warner] legislation for the promotion of nuclear power. …

Isakson said he would likely miss the subcommittee markup to attend a White House meeting on the Southeastern drought scheduled at the same time with the governors of Alabama, Florida and Georgia.

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"There’s only one thing more important to me than that markup, and that’s my state running out of water," he said.

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[Jon Stewart style triple-take]

The guy would like to be there to hump for subsidies for the most water-intensive source of electricity on the planet, but he can’t because … his state is being crippled by drought.

I swear, sometimes — and this is particularly true for purported conservatives — the love of nuclear power is sui generis. It just is, a primordial constant, complete in itself, floating free of economic or environmental justification, immune to contrary fact or principle. I really don’t get it.

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