Rep. John Dingell is going to put a draft of his carbon tax bill on his website this Thursday, to solicit feedback. (Did I say "tax"? I meant "emissions fee.") Reportedly, this marks the first time Dingell’s done something like this.

I dunno. If he’s just introducing the tax to sabotage the rest of the climate legislation in the House, why do this? Why allow for public comment before introducing a bill if you mean the bill to fail?

Inscrutable as usual.

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Regardless, when he opens it up for feedback, I’m going to head over (hopefully joined by lots of you) to say the following:

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1. The tax revenue needs to be set aside in a special fund or trust — away from the grubby hands of earmark-hungry legislators — to be devoted to a) funding clean energy, and b) reducing the payroll tax to compensate the working class, which will be hardest hit at first.

2. There needs to be a mechanism in the bill to periodically take stock of the results of the tax and re-assess the level of emission reduction necessary to avoid the worst of global warming. The size of the tax should be adjusted accordingly.

I’ll remind you on Thursday.

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