You’d think people who are willing to blow themselves up any day now wouldn’t worry too hard about the future of the planet. But as it turns out, it really isn’t possible to get MORE cynical about the future than a congressional Republican — even if you’re an Islamic militant.

Last October, Hezbollah guerilla chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah told reporters that "the climate threat today is among the biggest threats faced by mankind in (terms of) its peace, security, stability and existence," Reuters reported after Nasrallah attended a tree-planting event in Lebanon. When massive floods inundated Pakistan last year, Osama bin Laden also noted on tape that, "the huge climate change is affecting our (Islamic) nation and is causing great catastrophes throughout the Islamic world," marking the second time that he has made the environment a major theme in a statement.

That’s right: Even Osama bin Laden doesn’t like the Paul Ryan plan.

This is of course in one sense a bonanza for the GOP — it’s as if Karl Marx had risen from the grave and started pounding the pavement for Planned Parenthood. The Utne Reader expresses concerns:

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For greens trying to attract allies to their battle against climate change, these endorsements are a mixed blessing: On one hand, they signal a growing acceptance of current climate science even in unexpected quarters. On the other, do we want the wrong people on the right side of this issue?

On the other other hand, we’re actually talking about the wrong people being on the right side of scientific fact. I’m sure I also agree with Islamic extremists that water is wet and food is tasty, and that doesn’t make me wrong. Even James Inhofe probably agrees with that, and he’s apparently even less attached to the reality-based community than people who think God wants them to kill practically everyone.

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